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About us
E.N. Machine & Design, Inc. was founded in 2005. In the landscape of machine shop offerings within metro Atlanta, we saw a need for a company that does more than provide traditional machining services. With this in mind, we have successfully grown E.N. Machine & Design as a company that is focused on superior quality of products and services. Beyond simply providing production machining and part design services, E.N. Machine & Design endeavors to partner with our customers on each project in an effort to support their success.

E.N. Machine & Design has a depth of experience that spans two decades, two continents, and a variety of industries. Our programmers and technicians are empowered by the challenges of each project to insure quality throughout production. Because of this, we have developed a loyal customer base that has the trust and confidence that E.N. Machine & Design will consistently provide them with the highest quality of products and service available.